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Best Sanitary Pads in India - Time sanitary Pads


Finding the perfect sanitary pad can make all the difference in your menstrual experience. At Time sanitary, we offer a range of high-quality sanitary pads designed to meet the diverse needs of women in India. From ultimate comfort to reliable protection, our pads provide the best solutions for teens, working women, and those with heavy flow. Explore our top products – Ultra Velvet, Ultra Cuddle, and Uniline – and find the perfect fit for your needs. 

Time sanitary Ultra Velvet - The Best Sanitary Pads for Working Women  

 Velvet sanitary pads

Unwind in Ultimate Comfort:    

Balancing work and life can be challenging, and managing your period shouldn’t add to the stress. Time sanitary Ultra Velvet offers the perfect solution with premium sanitary pads designed for the modern working woman. Enjoy ultimate comfort, superior protection, and the confidence to conquer your day.  


Key Features:  

All-Day Comfort: Ultra-soft, breathable materials for maximum comfort.  

Superior Protection: Advanced absorbency and leak-proof design.  

Discreet and Secure: A secure fit that stays in place.  




Time Ultra Velvet Sanitary pad comes in four convenient variants to suit your needs:  

- XL 280mm Pack of 15 Pads: Perfect for regular heavy flow days.  

- XXL 330mm Pack of 7,15 & 30 Pads: Ideal for those seeking more value and convenience.  

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Time sanitary Ultra Cuddle - The Best Night Pads for Heavy Flow  

Embrace Ultimate Comfort:    

Unwind in the ultimate embrace of comfort and protection with Time sanitary Ultra Cuddle sanitary pads. Specifically designed for those seeking the highest level of comfort, these pads redefine your period experience. Ideal for heavy flow nights, Ultra Cuddle offers unparalleled comfort, ensuring you have restful nights and moments of relaxation.  


Key Features:  

Ultimate Comfort: Ultra-soft materials for a comforting feel.  

Maximum Absorption: Advanced technology for heavy flow.  

Leakage Protection: Designed with leak-proof barriers.  





Time Ultra Cuddle Sanitary pad comes in two convenient variants to suit your needs:  

- XXL 330mm Pack of 7 Pads: Perfect for regular heavy flow nights.  

- XXL 330mm Pack of 15 Pads: Ideal for those seeking more value and convenience. 

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Time sanitary Uniline - The Best U.S. Cotton Pads for Regular Flow  



Your Initial Point of Comfort:    

Introducing Uniline by Time sanitary, where comfort meets protection. Crafted with precision, Uniline sanitary pads ensure reliable and leak-proof protection throughout your day. The soft and breathable U.S. cotton material offers maximum comfort, making it perfect for everyday use. Uniline provides a high-quality solution at an affordable price, empowering you to feel confident and secure with every step.  


Key Features:  

Soft U.S. Cotton: Gentle on the skin.  

Breathable Design: Reduces the risk of irritation.  

Reliable Absorption: Ensures you stay dry and comfortable.  





Time Uniline Sanitary pad comes in two convenient variants to suit your needs:  

- L 240mm Pack of 6 Pads: Perfect for regular cotton Pads.  

- XL 280mm Pack of 6 Pads: Ideal for those seeking more value and convenience. 

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Time Sanitary Ultra Feather - The Lightest Sanitary Pads for Daytime Comfort 



Embrace Featherlight Comfort:  

Experience the lightest and most breathable protection with Timepads Ultra Feather. Designed for those who need comfort and discretion during regular flow days, Ultra Feather offers a barely-there feel while ensuring reliable protection.  


Key Features:  
Featherlight Comfort: Incredibly light and breathable materials for all-day comfort.  
Discreet Protection: Thin design that stays invisible under clothing.  
Reliable Absorption: Effective moisture absorption keeps you dry and comfortable.  




Time Ultra Feather Sanitary pad comes in three convenient variants to suit your needs:  

- XL 280mm Pack of 7 & 15 Pads: Perfect for regular heavy flow for teens.  

- XXL 330mm Pack of 15 Pads: Ideal for those seeking more value and convenience. 

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Why Choose Time sanitary?  

Your haven for Comfort, Confidence, and Care! 


High-Quality Materials: We use the best materials to ensure comfort and protection.  

Advanced Technology: Our pads are designed with advanced absorbency and leak-proof features.  

Affordable Pricing: Get the best value without compromising on quality.  

Wide Range: From teens to working women, we have the perfect pad for every need.  

Experience the Time difference – shop our exclusive range of feminine hygiene products now and redefine your period experience. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Q: How often should I change my sanitary pad?  

A: It’s recommended to change your pad every 4-6 hours to maintain hygiene and comfort, depending on your flow.  


Q: Are Time sanitary suitable for sensitive skin?  

A: Yes, our pads are made with gentle materials to reduce the risk of irritation and are dermatologically tested.  


Q: Can I use Time sanitary products for overnight protection?  

A: Yes, our Ultra Cuddle pads are specifically designed for overnight protection with maximum absorbency.  
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Customer Reviews  

Time sanitary have transformed my menstrual experience. The Ultra Velvet pads are perfect for my busy workdays. - Priyanka S 

I finally sleep through the night without worries, thanks to Ultra Cuddle. They're incredibly soft and absorbent. - Neha 

Uniline pads are my everyday go-to. They are comfortable, reliable, and affordable. - Anjali Kumar 

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