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Variants: Available in two variants - (XXL) 330mm packs of 7 and 15 pads.

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Velvet sanitary pads

Variants: Available in four variants - (XL) 280mm pack of 15, (XXL) 330mm packs of 7, 15, and 30.

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Feather sanitary pads

Variants: Available in three variants - (XL) 280mm packs of 7 and 15, and (XXL) 330mm pack of 15.

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Uniline sanitary pads

Variants: Available in two sizes - (L) 240mm and (XL) 280mm in 2 packs of (6 pads each).

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Bangalore is a sanitary napkin maker. Additionally, we produce and offer sanitary pads in Bangalore, Rajasthan as well as Bhopal, Indore, Lucknow, and Madhya Pradesh.  


The best sanitary pad maker in Bangalore is who we are: Timepads. Bangalore: a city full of exciting adventures, delicious food, and a vibrant cultural scene. 


Timepads inform individuals about sanitary pads and have open discussions about menstruation. They normalize menstruation by incorporating fun activities and community outreach initiatives into everyday life.  


Time Sanitary Pads: Customized for you, made in Bangalore  




The Importance of Sanitary Pads  

Like your best buddies throughout your period, sanitary pads! They absorb menstrual blood and keep you feeling fresh and clean throughout your period. This is essential for your overall health since it keeps you comfortable and helps prevent infections.  


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Problems in Bangalore with Sanitary Pads  


For many Indian women and girls, obtaining sanitary pads might be difficult. Let's look at a few reasons:  


Cost: Sanitary pads can be expensive, especially for those with little financial resources.  

Availability: Not all stores may have these easily, particularly in smaller communities.  

Stigma: There may be a weird aura surrounding menstruation that makes it awkward to discuss or purchase. 

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