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Time Ultra Velvet XXL + Ultra Cuddle XL Sanitary Pads (Pack of 4) | Cottony Top Sheet | Rash Free | All Night Comfort | Leak guard

Time Ultra Velvet XXL + Ultra Cuddle XL Sanitary Pads (Pack of 4) | Cottony Top Sheet | Rash Free | All Night Comfort | Leak guard

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Ultra Velvet - Elegance Redefined:

Experience the epitome of elegance and refinement with Time's Ultra Velvet sanitary pads. Offering a premium level of quality and comfort beyond expectations, the unique velvet-like surface creates a gentle touch, taking care of your sensitive skin with tenderness and grace.

Ultra Cuddle - Embrace Ultimate Comfort:

Unwind in the ultimate embrace of comfort and protection with Time's Ultra Cuddle sanitary pads. Specifically designed for those seeking the highest level of comfort, these pads redefine your period experience. The ultra-soft material feels like a comforting hug, while advanced technology guarantees maximum absorption and leakage protection.

Variants: Available in - Ultra Velvet (XXL) 330mm pads of (3 pack) and Ultra Cuddle (XXL) 330mm pads of 15 (1 pack).


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Product Highlights


Made with fabric-like materials that provide a comfortable and gentle feel against any skin type:

Flow Range: Medium to High

Longer Length and Extra Coverage

Optimal Absorbency

Superior Comfort and Softness 

Advanced Odor Control

Double wing

Breathable and Skin-Friendly

Secure Fit and Anti-Leakage Features

Day and Night Pad


Say goodbye to worries about leaks and stains with Incredible Dryness and Freshness:

Flow Range: Low to High

Superior and quick absorption

Unmatched comfort and skin safety

Extra wide back and ultra-thin pads

Hot-pressed and non-woven top sheet

Gentle on the Skin

All-Night Protection

Double Wing

Day & Night Pads

Product USPs

Ultra Velvet - Elegance Redefined:

   - Premium quality and comfort beyond expectations 

   - Velvet-like surface for gentle touch 

   - Superior absorption, secure fit, day & night pads

Ultra Cuddle - Embrace Ultimate Comfort:

   - Designed for the highest level of comfort 

   - Ultra-soft material for a comforting hug 

   - Maximum absorption, leakage protection, rash free