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7 Period-Friendly Exercises to Prevent Pad Shifting

Menstruation should not be an obstacle in keeping exercise and fitness routines. Though it's imperative that you select moves that are within your comfort zone and won't lead to pad movement. Let’s have a look at the following seven exercises that you can do during a period with a secure pad.

1. Walking 

One of the best advantages of walking is that it is a low-impact exercise, thus it offers plenty of health benefits without being harsh on the body during menstruation. It all depends on whether you enjoy a vigorous walk in the fresh air or simply on a treadmill; in any case, this is a great way to remain active without overloading your body.

2. Yoga

As a combination of gentle stretching, movement, and relaxation techniques, yoga can reduce the discomfort of periods and also help with general well-being. Pay attention to poses that aim at the lower abdominal and pelvic regions, including child's pose, cat-cow stretch, and reclining bound angle pose.

3. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent overall work out, which can ease up menstrual cramps and get rid of water retention during that time. Sanitary products such as special made swimming pads will not shift around nor come off leaks while providing reliable protection. Decide which you want: tampon or menstrual cup if you are more comfortable with the internal placement.

4. Cycling

Bicycling is a low-impact cardio-vascular exercise which can facilitate blood circulation and help in relieving menstrual symptoms. To avoid pads shifting while cycling, go for snug-fitting cycling shorts with integrated pads, or wear tight underwear to keep your pad secure.

5. Pilates

Pilates targets strengthening the core muscles and deters the conditions of lower back pain which is a common experience during menstruation. Select workouts that incorporate exercise moves that involve the abdomen and pelvic floor muscles while avoiding the high-impact ones that may cause discomfort.

6. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a relatively gentle martial arts style that emphasizes on the slow and smooth movements as well as deep breaths. It can help get rid of stress, enhance balance, and ensure relaxation. Consequently, it is the right workout to be used during this time without having to worry about the pads shifting.

7. Light Resistance Training

Participating in lightweight resistance training with resistance bands or light weights is helpful in strengthening muscles, improving flexibility, as well as boosting moods during menstrual cycle. Try upper body workouts or use machines that relieve the pressure on the lower body to prevent the pelvic area from getting sore.

Conclusion: Stay Active and Comfortable During Your Period

It is possible not only but also advisable to stick to your routine during menstruation as this will only benefit your both physical and mental health. You are able to practice exercise during your period, which is period-friendly, and use a menstrual protection product that is reliable to be comfortable and not worry about pad shifting or leaks. Try different activities until you find the ones that suit you best; and don’t let your period be the reason for you to compromise your fitness and wellbeing.

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