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How to Delay Your Period: Effective Methods and Tips

How to Delay Your Period: Effective Methods and Tips

Sometimes it is really annoying to have a period, for instance, when you are on a holiday, have a special event, or a sports competition. Even though it is not very healthy to put off your period very often, there are ways to avoid it if the situation really calls for it. In this article, we’ll discuss about the most efficient strategies to delay your period with reference to both the natural and medical methods. Also, we will be talking about the need to select appropriate sanitary products such as maternity pad, sanitary pads, and the most effective sanitary pads for use in case you start experiencing your menstrual period.

Natural Methods to Delay Your Period

Diet and Nutrition:

There are some changes in the diet that may assist you in postponing your period. Incorporation of more lentils, chickpeas, and gram lentils can be efficient. These foods are said to impact on hormone levels and thus cause postponement of the first day of menstruation. Including these foods in your diet one week before the expected period may help in delaying the period.


Exercising a lot can sometimes be an issue when it comes to the period as it can make it come late. Cycling is one of the biggest challenges that athletes undergo due to the physical stress that they undergo. Although exercise is good for the body, it is therefore important not to overdo it as it can lead to harm.

Medical Methods to Delay Your Period

Birth Control Pills:

Another method that can be used to help you postpone your period is through the use of the birth control pills. If you are on the 28 days birth control pill cycle, then you don’t have to take the last seven days of the fake pills, and start on a new pack instead. This method works, but it should not be done without consulting a healthcare provider.


Norethisterone is a prescription medication that is used for the delay of the periods. It is usually used three days before the expected period and lasted up to 14 days. This means that after you have stopped taking the tablets, your period will start two to three days later. You should consult your doctor to determine whether this method will be suitable for you.

Managing Your Period with the Right Products

When your period finally comes, the type of sanitary products you use will depend on your needs as well as the type of environment you are in.

Maternity Pads:

Maternity pads are perfect to use in case of heavy flow especially when you realize that your period is delayed. They provide very high levels of absorbency, and are intended for use in conditions where there is a lot of blood loss and the patient does not feel uncomfortable or saturated.

Sanitary Pads:

For normal menstrual experience, sanitary pads are flexible and available in different sizes and thickness. If you require protection for a few hours at night, or protection that you can use throughout the day, there is a sanitary pad for you.

Best Sanitary Pads:

There are several aspects that one has to consider when choosing the most suitable sanitary pads, including absorbency, comfort, and the skin type. Some of the most popular sanitary pads available in the market include Always, Kotex and Stayfree that contain superior quality pads for various types of needs to ensure maximum comfort during the period.


It is quite possible to delay your period either through natural methods or through the use of certain medications. No matter dietary modification, exercise or hormonal balance, it is crucial to decide on the right type of sanitary products like maternity pads, sanitary pads, and the best sanitary pads to help you deal with your menstrual flow when it arrives. So, it is always better to be prepared and talk to a healthcare provider to look into the well-being of the person.


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